Engineering Unit:

The main task of this unit is not in the design and manufacture of exhaust, and considering the need for high manufacturing accuracy, production efficiency and excellent quality in the production of parts is not produced, consider this mold design unit and the company's production machinery Has also undertaken.

Also, with the aim of matching custom parts during production with reference documents and samples, correct exclusive assembly and reduction of internal production waste and providing products with the aim of satisfaction in case of creating a unit called mold making factory using precision tools and using it. Be.

Design and location based on platform and chassis:




Investigation of airflow and turbulence in different parts of the exhaust:




Check the volume of gas flow and return pressure in different parts of the exhaust system:


Exhaust gas noise analysis
           Using the results of the analysis, the optimal final design in terms of the minimum amount of return pressure and output sound according to the vehicle platform is presented.


Quality unit:


The importance of quality requirements and observance of the principles of customer-oriented principles of the company has led to accurate and continuous control of production processes and control of input raw materials using precision measuring tools and laboratory equipment, as well as close cooperation with reputable laboratories in accordance with Global standards such as DIN, NES, MES, KES based on the requirements of the quality management system ISO / TS16949 to use a highly consistent quality unit with high operating accuracy to control its products.

 Among the very special tests that are performed on products are gas leakage tests, weld strength, durability tests and noise contaminants.

For this purpose, and taking into account the feedback provided by sales and after-sales service units, the main needs for product quality improvement are tracked and in cooperation with engineering and R&D units, production processes and appropriate corrective measures are replaced.