Cutting and bending pipes and sheets:


In the exhaust manufacturing industry, because we deal with various products and high circulation, speed, accuracy and planning in the operation of cutting and bending pipes are very important.

The company is able to provide all services in the field of pipe cutting and bending to its customers using CNC machines.


CNC pipe cutting machine is a machine that in addition to high production speed and accuracy, also has the ability to plan cutting operations. So that you will be able to have cuts of different sizes for different products from one branch of the pipe.

Bending pipes is very important in this industry. A suitable bend must be straight and angled without reducing diameter. CNC pipe bending machine allows us to do this. This machine has a controller system and items such as pipe diameter, bending length, bending radius, bending angle and amount of twist can be defined in it. The capacity of this workshop is from 10mm to 110mm in diameter and 9mm to 2mm thick according to the needs of this industry.

Pressing unit:

. This set is equipped with more than 64 impact presses with a tonnage of 2 to 500 tons and 13 ordinary hydraulic presses and gates with a capacity of 5 to 600 tons, which are able to make parts by pressing method in a variety of metal sheets from 0.4mm to It is 12 mm.

Exhaust Mufler unit:


The car exhaust system is one of the most important components of the engine, which in its design mainly considers the two main variables of return pressure and output sound. The importance of the above parameters is to achieve an increase in respiratory efficiency and engine power and reduce the amount of noise pollution caused by exhaust gases.

Construction of internal skeleton
In this unit, using the RIDGE LOCK machine, which is a device whose structure creates a cold connection without the need for welding in the internal skeleton set, the creation of this locking connection significantly increases the durability and life of the product against decay.


Mufler maker
The construction of the exhaust housing shell or body is of great importance in this part, which is a complete line of exhaust storage construction. The operations of rolling, shell forming, sewing seam and turning the lip are completely done.

Welding unit:

The distinguishing feature of this company is the use of welding robots and rotary welding machines. The features of this type of welding process can be very high accuracy, good speed, uniformity and consequently the strength of cross sections that require peripheral welding. 25 automatic welding machines made by Misagh company with special tables, 3 welding rope machines and also 40 welding stations with experienced welding personnel are responsible for all welding operations and completion of the final product.